The True Witness

Author: James George Osayande ‘Hero’

“My message is not my own; it comes from God who sent me. Anyone who wants to do the will of God will know whether my teaching is from God or is merely my own. Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the one who sent him speaks truth, not lies. John 7:16-18

In the midst of a system where there is falsehood, black art, selfishness, wickedness, fear, and lies is the order of the day, even inside the Church of Jesus Christ, it is only those who are in God’s will that can know the real truth; Only they can tell what the true doctrine is and only they can tell who the true witness of the truth is.But who is the true witness?

God’s true witness is the man who is concerned about announcing the One who sent him and not announcing himself. How does he do this? (announce his Sender and not himself). Does he do it by always preaching and talking about Jesus?

No! That’s just a part of it though. Any person can do that. Anybody can get a good Bible in whatever translation and give a good sermon, yet not be on the same page with God.Just in case you have forgotten why we always hit on BEING FOR GOD. ALL FOR HIM.

Let me remind you.

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.

You are not your own, you actually belong to a Somebody. You are a priced possession (a valuable one) purchased by Christ’s precious Blood, yet you’re not an independent possession. YOU BELONG TO AN OWNER.

Doing your thing is putting yourself out of your owner’s place and exposing yourself to danger of the enemy.

The true witness seeks God’s glory at all times and anywhere, just like our Master Jesus said, Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the one who sent him speaks truth, not lies.

How does he do this?  It’s not by the eloquence of speech or long sermons or a beautiful bible, no it goes beyond that. He does so by:

1. Steady Intimate relationship with God and constant fellowship.

Never entertain reasons to miss your personal (daily) early hours devotions no matter how tired you are. Let it be so valuable and sacred to you that you plan for it everyday. Keep it steady.

Never entertain sin. Sin disconnects your fellowship with God. You are a son, yes, but you lose fellowship when you LIVE in sinfulness (when you now plan, practice, and enjoy sin as if you were never saved). Keep your intimacy with Father steady. That’s where your confidence is. You and I know you can’t be confident to speak against what you are living in yourself. Your words will have no power, my dear.

Imagine you want to teach people against immorality, and you really want them to change. You may do a good sermon, but as long as you are an immoral preacher, your words will fall to the ground before reaching their hearts. It will bear no power. Tell me which Spirit will carry it?

Is it the Spirit whom we know as The Holy Spirit.

So take note please. Always work at keeping your relationship in check. Constant fellowship!

When you sin, the Holy Ghost doesn’t condemn or accuse you. No, He only convicts you (brings your attention to that error and makes you know its impact) so that you can repent. He doesn’t do so accusingly to condemn you.

That‘s the work of the devil. He accuses and condemns.Don‘t be a victim. That’s why it’s good to always stay with Father and seek Him to lighten up your life and show you every stain. And then you repent from them.

Keep it steady!

There are three wills at work in the earth.

A. The will of God.
B.The will of man.
C.The will of satan.

God’s will is that man should do His will, yet He will not force His will on man, this is because man is a free moral agent and God decides to limit himself in that area so that He doesn’t interfere with man‘s own will.

The devil is fighting by all means to get man to agree with and do his will which ultimately aims to destroy the man.

Now, the only way to get God’s perfect will is by the first point I just shared. Anything outside what He gives the man in His presence is fleshly and satanic. Always seek God’s will.When was the last time you asked “What would you have me do, Father?”

Be sincere with yourself.Do you jump into anything because (like one of my friend once said) God isn’t saying anything, so you feel that’s His will?

God only backs up with His will. He may permit your will but He only defends and backs up His own will.
What do you prefer? You choose.

The true Witness dwells in God and keeps his relationship with Him steady. The true witness always seeks God’s Perfect will.Third point. At Loss to the World so that he can gain Christ.He (the true witness) aims to bring glory to God through the three points I have shared so far.

Paul says, I count everything else as dung for the sake of Christ. Everything I once held dear, I count them all as loss so that I may gain Christ. How straight and determined such decision is.I have a friend who once told me something.She said “Sometimes, when my roommate and her friends are talking about relationships (with sin-mates “boyfriend, girlfriend”), I feel like I am missing something.

But Pastor’s words about the crown and glory that I must not lose for anything rings through, and I will just tell myself that the right time will come and by then I will be proud to tell Daddy and Mummy (pastor and pastor Mrs) and you that this is the person”She is emphatic and head-bent on gaining even if it means being shut out of many things. And truly she is being shut out right now but she celebrates it. She is confident that God is able to reward her  faithfulness with the right things. She won’t go for a second place.And she is there facing her purpose and pursuing it.When you’re attached to this world’s system and its elements, they make your commitment and loyalty divided.

They will divide the time you’re supposed to give to God and you will be sharing it with them. Bit by bit you will begin to lose commitment on one side because you can’t serve two masters; and God is not the type who settles in part. He settles in full.


Though he was their leader yet he called them friends because they shared the same mind.

Draw out your priorities. Know when to do things and when not to. Give your attention to what’s right and do it right.The true witness dwells with Father and keeps it steady. He desires Father’s perfect will. He is at loss with the world so he can gain Christ.


They are the ones who call you “Pastor Sir”, “Daddy”, “Evangelist”, “Prophet”, “Great Man”, “World Changer”.

Run from the man praisers. They celebrate you based on your achievement, But God celebrates you based on your “faithfulness” to the job (the heart with which you are doing that SMALL JOB in your little corner of the world).

My Pastor once said, “The greatest reward in Heaven may never go to the pastor with the largest church but to the man with the most commitment to his little responsibility of cleaning chairs in the church”.

Men may not clap for you, but there is a clapping that surpasses that. There surely is a reward.He deals with the faithful and humble. The true witness.



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