Galatians 5

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It’s so easy to read the • Works of the Flesh • of Galatians 5 and only see the “biggies”…but what about the main part of the list?  Idolatry.  Hatred.  Contentions.  Jealousies.  Outbursts of Wrath. (Don’t you love this one…we all know too well the outbursts we have.) Selfish Ambitions.  Dissensions. Ouch and ouch again.  I feel like I’ve been pricked by the spinning wheel of truth.  Idolatry?  Check.  Hatred.  Check.  Contentions and dissensions.  Check check.  Jealousies.  Check.  Selfish ambitions.  Check.  Most definitely check to outbursts of wrath.  Every one of those.  Every one hits my heart like a 2×4.  How blind I have been.

When we face a trial, how about we go to scriptures like this, and really ask ourselves which acts of sin we’re committing.  What are we idolizing?  Are we jealous of somebody?  Do we have contentions and strife with each other, perhaps even hating that…

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