Miracle Report from Carol Murray


I would like to share an amazing testimony by Carol Murray with you today.

Here is the story how she wrote it:

I was between 7 or 8 at that time, when my friends and I were playing with a ball. The ball got away from me and rolled down the street. Trying to catch it, I ran in between two parked cars and when I got out to grab the ball, there was a car coming my way that I did not see at all. When I ran out into the street I felt pressure in my stomach. It pushed me back so strong that it bent my whole body in a way that the car missed me by inches. The car was running so fast that if it hit me it would have killed me.

When I read this testimony, I got chills all over my body. I just couldn’t believe that something that extraordinary could have happened. I’m so sure that God does these miracles in our life to remind us how fragile our life is and how powerful and strong He remains forever.

Whatever you might be going through in your life, please never doubt God’s ability to make a miracle in your life. It takes faith and dedication to fully experience His love and mercy.