Facing GIANT Fears

Author: Cheryl Zelenka

Giants were actual biblical figures (Gen. 6:4, Num. 13:33), which intimidated and triggered fear in man. If used as an analogy, giants are obstacles and fears that hinder God’s direction in our life. New career paths, a step into ministry, a move, an illness, or some monumental challenge are all calculable Goliaths.

Fear is innate, a healthy survival instinct. But fear should be a manifestation that produces positive action. Too often fear hinders our spiritual growth. It is a mighty weapon utilized by the devil and many saints have stood petrified before ominous figures or obstacles.

A popular phrase, “If God brings you to it, He will lead you through it,” is a true statement. The Bible backs it up, but the courage to face these giants will require faith in God’s power and His steadfast love for us. Continue reading “Facing GIANT Fears”


LORD, I Will Trust in You!

As I prayed today, I heard the words to this song. It is a good reminder that no matter what we see and what battles we face, we can still trust Him with our lives.  Yes, He is our Mighty Warrior– The King of our fight. Even if He does not give us the answers as we cry out to Him, we can still trust in Him.


Moving Past The Comfort Zone


Author: Cheryl Zelenka

There is a danger in becoming too comfortable with where we are in life. It is one thing to be content and another thing to stagnate. With our spiritual walk with Christ, we must continue to run our race. We will never reach the mountaintop or receive our glorious prize if we lay down in green pastures and never get back up.

Most of us have weathered turbulent storms and the place of rest provided by God has been a welcomed reprieve. But this mercy is meant to be a temporary rest for healing and restoration, not a permanent one. Our home is not in the pasture. No, indeed! Our citizenship is in the city of God and that requires an upward climb. We must be willing to leave our comfort zone. Continue reading “Moving Past The Comfort Zone”