Hope For Living


Author: Jamie and the GMMN Broadcasting Team

The Bible says Jesus is the True Vine (The Tree) and you (the born again child of God) is the branch, His branch. You are His hands and His feet, MEMBERS OR PART OF HIS BODY. You are the Hands of Jesus that the world sees today. You are His feet that moves on the earth today.

Nobody cuts off their limb because it is wounded. No arm is amputated because of an injury. You only cut off the arm or limb when it is totally covered with infected wounds and threatens to spread to other parts of the body. In this case, the arm or limb has become useless and a threat and must thus be cut off.

Good news is- JESUS IS LIFE and He is here to give you life to the fullest.

If you feel injured, I encourage you today to get back with your Father. Reaffirm your commitment to Him. Get connected and committed to what the Word says.

Live by the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the desires of the flesh. By abiding in the Spirit, your healing process can begin.

Don’t condemn yourself where Christ has justified you.

Walk in the light of the Spirit.
Jamie and the GMMN Broadcasting Team


In Silent Adoration


In silent adoration,
I stand in awe of you, oh God.
With holy inspiration,
I sip and sap with you.

I drink your living waters,
I eat your bread of life,
While basking in your presence
Amid a world of strife.

Poem by Norma Ching 

From The Master’s Heart

Art by Patrick Ching