First Things First

Author: James George Osayande ‘Hero’

We live in a world where men are seeking a good thing at a wrong time and in a wrong way.
When your heart is not right, you still want the hand of the Lord to move in your direction. It doesn’t work that way beloved. Continue reading “First Things First”

Testimony by Anthony W.B.

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By Anthony Woods Brown
To begin in the beginning, praise and honor to God, through His Son Jesus, whose name is above all names. That is relevant because of Him subsists the reason I am writing this letter.He is the reason I have this testimony, He is the reason that today I have life.
Nevertheless, before I digress from the point of this testimony, let me get back on course. Another reason why I am doing this is because the Lord gave me a testimony that is priceless and because of it, I am commanded to share it.  Continue reading “Testimony by Anthony W.B.”