Ways of Worshiping God


Author: Olga Victoria

For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

1 Corinthians 13:12
My Mom has been a Christian for as long as I know her. We’ve been praying together every day as I was growing, we were going to the church and also a small Bible study group every week. Our faith in the Lord was giving us hope and strength. I would never ever end up living here If I didn’t believe in God and in His promises to me.

As I was growing, I was taught to think certain things about my religion and I could never question anything. I was told how exactly God is and what He does…

So I thought I knew it all. 

One day I was told about the analogy of a shoe and I saw some wisdom in it.

If a man stepped on the ants and if the sole of the shoe had different colors on it, the ants would see the man based on the color of the sole they would be in. One ant would say “The man is blue’, the other would say “No, he is yellow”, the third would say “He is white”, and I thought that analogy applied so much to my faith.

We all see God the way we see ourselves. The truth is He is so much bigger than we can ever comprehend. 

When I went to Orthodox Church in Russia, people were mourning there over the death of Christ. In the middle of the church there was a picture of God with His frowning face. He looked angry. People were not allowed to go to the church with their make up on, they had to cover their head and keep icons in their homes at all times. That’s was their only way of worshiping God.

Now, when I go to the Baptist church here in US, everyone rejoices over Christ’s resurrection and our eternal life. People are dancing and singing. They are happy. That’s the way their see the Lord and their religion. 

And then I though about other religions and the way they see God and I realized they are also different. Whether you go to the North, to the South, to West or the East of the World you will experience many ways of worshiping God and giving Him glory. You’ll see different traditions, holidays and rituals. 

So, I learned that not only different churches of the same religion, but different countries and cultures have their own way of seeing the Lord.

The ability to compare different cultures taught me not to judge other religions, but respect them. I’m honored to follow Jesus and I love Him with all my heart, but I do realize how insignificant we are, how huge the world is, how many billions of people live on the Earth and how many ways of seeing God exist! 

I don’t think we should be afraid of questioning things and reflecting on that. I believe we can know the truth and even get closer to Him by willing to learn more and accept the fact that we don’t know much.

I do know though that He is real and He does love us all no matter what origins we have!
I believe that God respects all our efforts to connect with Him.

He loves us.

We are His.



Let it go


Source: Olga Victoria

If something bothers you today, ask God to fill your heart with forgiveness.

Don’t carry any burden.

Let it go.

Pray for those who hurt you…

We are not the Judge to judge. All we can do is let God do His own work.

Ask God for His protection over you and your family, ask Him for guidance, wisdom, love and a heart to forgive!

Be bold in your faith, stay strong and let no circumstances have any control over your life.

You are God’s child!

He loves you.

He sees your heart and He knows your thoughts. There is nothing you can hide from Him.

Be honest with Him. Ask Him to clean your heart and help you live a life free from any burden.

Seek to love and forgive! That’s all what matters.




Building Your History


Source: Olga Victoria

The most important lesson we need learn in this life is how to love, like God does. No matter how good or bad we are, God loves us all unconditionally. And we have to do the same towards others.

Every day that you live is going to be a part of your history! Every yesterday and the day before, every passed week and a passed year will never be back.

They are gone forever!

Every thing that you do and every thought that you think builds your history!

Think about your outcomes for a minute… Are you proud of your past?

Whatever you might feel today, good news is that every day gives you a new chance! Every day God renews His blessings and gives us hope. Every day you get a new start and it’s up to you to choose the plot of your life story!

Make a decision today to do something good every single day!

It might be a kind word, good deed or anything else that can benefit others. And as you do that, have no judgment, but pure LOVE.

There are so many ways to help. You don’t have to do much if you can’t. Just be creative and spread the goodness.

May every step of yours build strong and solid foundation for your history.



Testimony by Kelly Roper


Kelly Roper’s blog:

When I said I would share my testimony, what I thought I would say was much different than what I’m about to.  I have known about Jesus my whole life.  

About is that key word.  I can quote John 3:16 and Jeremiah 29:11 with the best of them.  I can recite the books of the bible, in order.  I listen to K-Love and I know HOW to go to church.

What I haven’t known, and what I’m still learning, is how to obey God.  I’ve loved Jesus for years.  Since I was 14, I have thanked Him for my salvation in my prayers at night.  And all the while I have continued on my way making my choices with no regard for His will for my life.

I’m a divorced mom.  I say divorced, instead of single, because I chose this.  I sinned against my husband.  I didn’t honor my vow before God to love him forever.  Regardless of how valid my reasons may be to me and even to my safety- my ex-husband’s sin does not excuse or discount mine.

Ten days after the divorce was final, my depression and anxiety were at an all time low.  I was listening to every lie Satan could tell me.  I ‘knew’ I wasn’t good enough.  ‘Knew’ I wasn’t loveable.  I was failing my children at every turn and had ‘ruined’ them by breaking up our family.  It was Easter Sunday, and rather than rejoice in His resurrection, I felt distant and alone, sad and angry.

I couldn’t take being hurt more.  

Read the rest of the testimony…