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*Facing Storms Front Cover 1.1

Hello Everyone!

I am giving away free eBook downloads (hope you have a Kindle or iPad) of Facing Storms: Devotions for Thought and Meditation this Saturday and Sunday.  Just go to Amazon and type in Cheryl Zelenka. Look for the RED book cover. You can also go to my blog. See the link below.

Be sure to tell your friends and family! It is my prayer that this book blesses many far and near.


Free eBook This Friday and Saturday

_Facing Storms Front Cover 1.1

I will be giving away free eBooks of FACING STORMS: DEVOTIONS FOR THOUGHT AND MEDITATION this Saturday and Sunday on Amazon (Oct. 11th & 12th). ┬áPlease write a review if you like the book… this really helps authors.

“In FACING STORMS: DEVOTIONS FOR THOUGHT AND MEDITATION, Ms. Zelenka continues her theme of perspective. Within this second book of a devotional trilogy, the reader will quickly recognize a common thread regarding storms, trials, and adversity. Ms Zelenka asserts that such times are actually blessings from a loving God since they serve to teach perseverance and aide in the maturation of Christian faith. The entire trilogy was inspired by James 1:2-4.”