It is our passion to help you start your day right by providing you with a nutritious breakfast. Our main course is love and compassion. We serve you by sharing God’s Word and His unlimited Wisdom. It is our hope that you will find this site inspiring and uplifting, and that it will not only help you get prepared for your new day, but your whole life as well.

Morning is the most sacred part of the day, when your Soul awakes with the Nature and when the time is just perfect for being alone with yourself and your Creator. That is the time when the breakfast gets served…

My Spiritual Breakfast is the breakfast for your soul, when you can spend some quality time on reflecting, thinking, dreaming and questioning.

A part of our Ministry is supporting those who have no food, shelter, clothing or medical care… those who are in need of support and encouragement. We are helping homeless ministries in US Virgin Islands, where the poverty level is high and the amount of resources, unfortunately, is not sufficient. We make monthly donations to provide the needed help and support and we encourage you to help us with that, by shopping on our site (part of the profit will be donated to the homeless).

It is also our hope that we can inspire you to follow your dreams and develop your talents. We love helping people like you to promote their gifts and bring inspiration to others.

We are always looking for new talents and we welcome you to submit your original work (writing, painting..etc) to us and share it with our readers! After being reviewed, your work will be posted in our blog to bring inspiration and hope to thousands of people. Please fill out the form below if you are interested or click HERE for more details.

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