Beautiful Art by Patrick Ching

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When I first saw the Art of Patrick Ching, I was simply amazed. With a wide range of colors he uses and with such an acute attention to the detail, he makes every work of his a true Masterpiece. He loves to be the wittiness of God’s beautiful creation and love by painting local Hawaiian flora and wild life where he finds most delight in.

if you would like to find out more about Patrick’s work and order some of his paintings for your home, please go to his website:

For those who don’t know, Patrick Ching is Norma Ching’s Son who is the author of the book “From the Master’s Heart”.

Every poem that Norma wrote is beautifully illustrated with Patrick’s paintings as a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness. You will find Norma’s book “From the Master’s Heart” on her Son’s website and on Amazon if you would like.



“From the Master’s Heart” by Norma Ching

Norma Ching is a retired teacher. In 1997 she had a major stroke and a brain surgery the year after. With God’s mercy, she got miraculously healed and spiritually empowered.

Through the years the Holy Spirit has given Norma the gift of writing poems.  What’s amazing is that her Son, Patrick Ching, got a gift of painting and He was able to make beautiful drawings for Norma’s book that became a perfect illustration for every poem that was written. God had truly orchestrated the whole thing and let this beautiful book to be published.

Every word and every sentence comes straight from the Master’s heart and the whole book is inspired with His love and kindness. The paintings represent local Hawaiian flora and wildlife which makes the book even more charming and uplifting.

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You can find this beautiful collection of poems on Amazon and on Patrick Ching’s website along with the gallery of his paintings that are on sale.


“Free Range Faith” by Betsy Nelson.

To know what Jesus really meant for us and how He saw us as His church, we need to dig deeper into His word.

In her new book “Free Range”, Betsy Nelson will help you discover God’s truth and have a deep and meaningful relationship with Your Creator.

“Sometimes you have to leave everything you know in order to find everything you need. Join me in a discovery of the authentic faith of Jesus, without the dogma of Christianity.”Betsy Nelson

“Free Range Faith” is available in Kindle on Amazon.


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