The Forbidden Fruit

Food for thought…
We must guard our gates!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is a message that is “food for thought” for all of us. Now I can tell you that as I was showering this morning, an additional verse popped into my mind about the brokenness of man. We have to realize that all negative things impact us negatively. Beware of what you take in…

“The Forbidden Fruit”…
is a thought that just came to me.
But do we really know…
what that “fruit” was really to be.
For many have considered the “fruit”…
with apples frequently depicted.
But have we narrowed our thoughts…
of what it was that God restricted.

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Pen Tip -1997

Sue's Pen 2 Paper Blog

Carry in your heart love and peace.

Not doubt and deception. 

Take with you His shield,

for Satan lurks in

unexpected places.


Hold close to your armor

for the truth is in

your sword.


Be not afraid of the enemy,

for Christ is the Power,

the Authority,

above and over



Walk tall in His grace,

for it is by grace

you are free.


Wear His smile,

let His gleam sparkle

in your eyes.

Be His tongue

and voice

and let only


speak through you.


Join His army of believers,

for if you do not


You are the



His wrath comes

upon those

who are

the enemy.

By the Holy Spirit 

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