May You ALWAYS Stay Beautiful!

I wonder how different this world would be if by looking at the mirror, we could see a reflection of our soul, instead of just our physical appearance…

How much better we would want to become and how much more attractive we would want to be?

Instead of jewelry and makeup, fine perfume and fashionable dresses, we would make LOVE, FORGIVENESS, HONESTY, PEACE-MAKING AND COMPASSION our true standards of beauty.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Even if this World teaches us to follow its own standards, we can still choose to follow JESUS and His guidelines for our life. He is the ONLY light that leads us to the path of righteousness, by making us pure… just the way He wants it.

It is not the things that we have that make us attractive and “socially acceptable”, it is His Word that cleans us, refreshes us, cures our wounds and makes us truly BEAUTIFUL in His own loving image!

It is the beauty of our soul that matters 🙂

By Olga

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