The blazing fire of the dawn

New day in the sun’s brilliant light

Even as the Morning Star rises in hearts

Dew as priceless jewels spread out before Him upon the greenest grass,

As spoken, as written in the Spirit Book of Life,

Even God’s Book of Life in his Son!

In common need, men and women stand all the same

The need to be clothed in honest humility

Wrapped in the whitest white of gracious mercy,

Revelation of eternity found glowing in their eyes and hearts,

Minds to be made one with Messiah

As part of His army of the faithful,

His Body, His Church

Truly created in His image.


Quiet waves of power consume the breathless place before the Holy Throne

Countless eyes watch in growing fearfulness

Many times many ears listen in heightened anxiety;

Then, the rumbling Voice of authority, of complete knowledge

Penetrates each…

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