Beautiful Art by Patrick Ching

from-the-masters-heart ilio-kai-hawaii-fine-art-image-patrick-ching

When I first saw the Art of Patrick Ching, I was simply amazed. With a wide range of colors he uses and with such an acute attention to the detail, he makes every work of his a true Masterpiece. He loves to be the wittiness of God’s beautiful creation and love by painting local Hawaiian flora and wild life where he finds most delight in.

if you would like to find out more about Patrick’s work and order some of his paintings for your home, please go to his website:

For those who don’t know, Patrick Ching is Norma Ching’s Son who is the author of the book “From the Master’s Heart”.

Every poem that Norma wrote is beautifully illustrated with Patrick’s paintings as a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness. You will find Norma’s book “From the Master’s Heart” on her Son’s website and on Amazon if you would like.


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