Author: James G. HERO

Though it has become one of the most misunderstood concept in the world today, love is something bigger than most of us can ever fathom.

Love isn’t what you find or what you just feel maybe towards someone or something.
Love is what finds you and embraces you.

Love is who you become when you embrace it.
Love is not a thing, it’s a Person. Look to God and you will find out that love has a face.

Yes, Love is of God, all and who God totally is.
Love is the nature of the new creation in Christ Jesus.

You only know it and experience it by receiving it.
Love is the image that you see inside the mirror when you look at it.

Love is not far, its right in front of you.
Love… It’s in you!
Don’t look for love or how to be loved, dear child of God. Rather BE LOVE in human form.

Good day,
James G. HERO

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