Making the Most of 2015!



By Jamie Broadcaster

Have you looked into 2015?

What have you seen?

Is it going to be another year of indifference *I take it anyhow it comes*? or

A year of wishful thinking? or maybe

A year of fakeness and joining the bandwagon of the same?

Is it going to be a year without Jesus on the driver’s seat of your life?

A year of running away from the truth of who you really are?

A year of wasting your life unnecessarily and settling for less?

Remember, that You were meant for greater things. You were meant to be a high achiever. If You messed up, it doesn’t mean your life will remain in the mess. Seek the Lord and you will find Him.

Do something with your life today by facing the right direction.

In Jesus name. Amen.

By Jamie Broadcaster

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