The Source of My Help


By Jamie Broadcaster

I’m against all that exalteth itself
Or everything that wants to make me forget
The things that for me Christ has done
And the importance of the race which I must run.

We all want to be the harbinger of the new dawn
Everyone wants to be the revealer of a new age
We all want our names
Boldly crested in the hall of fame

But the question stands out still:
How willing are we to lunge into the deep
How ready and how willing are we
To make the sacrifices which these great feats require?

Once upon my time
I actually did run ahead of my guide
With good intentions to actually SAVE TIME
And to render Him help because I thought, “I can!”

But then down I came and into the pit I fell
How deep it was I couldn’t tell
But it sure was like hell
I kept lying to myself about how I fell

I refused to agree with it
Or accept this hard truth
But behind all the bravado
Was a very scared me with much ado

This was me until the wind blew so hard
And then after the right path I asked.
On Christ I finally depended
And ever since my life He has defended.

I leave you with this
Where is the source of your help?
The hill, yourself, or beneath?
Upon these lies the story which at the end you will tell.

Choose the Hill.

Jamie Broadcaster

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