Belief birthed in a heart

Understood by the mind,

The Spirit moves and desire for truth given as a gift from Heaven,

From the beginning to the end

And on into the “new Earth beginning” spoken of by Messiah

Kingdom rule of true peace on earth

Jerusalem the only jewel in the crown

Worn by the High Priest, the King of Truth

Yeshua who faced the Cross

Who gives us Himself to believe in,

The only Faithful One.

When all the world falls short

All who walk on earth stumble and fall,

When love runs out and war floods in

And human nature is shown for what it is

Corrupt and self serving, given to any and every idolatry.

Israel’s Ancient One, Messiah stands powerful and true

Gentle and kind in infinite caring

Always ready to show compassion,

Tender mercy streams as light before Him

As rays that flash from…

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