Author: Mercy George

No matter what, one should ensure He/She makes Heaven……

Heaven is a beautiful and intriguing place one must ensure not to miss. So many questions to ask God when I get there. I would really love to know the mystery behind the Trinity. God performing the duties of a Father,Son and a Teacher…Wow!!!

Heaven! Heaven! Heaven!… Gonna be a non-stop fellowship with God, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

After reading about great men and women of God in the Bible, you still want to miss Heaven?… Hey, think again…

I’ve got so many things to do up there, I don‘t know about you.

* I will Hug papa Abraham and mama Sarah for their Faith,
* Isaac and Rebecca for ensuring their marriage worked though it was Love at first sight.
* I will commend Jacob and Racheal for their True love tale and also Sir Joseph for his determination even with the fierce opposition.
* I will embrace Daniel for his Intelligence. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego for their bravery.
* I will Tuale (salute) for David for his courage as a boy and as a king after God’s heart.
* I will kiss John the beloved and even Peter, while clinging to Paul… For their courage in taking the gospel far.
* I will salute Rehab, Esther, Ruth, Deborah and Hannah…the powerful Heroines (few names among others).

KEY POINT: Why don’t you live for Christ and become a Hero/Heroine so that your name will be included in the “BOOK OF HEROES”…Think on these and forever remain Blessed.

By Mercy George

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