Pride: Insidious as an Apple


Author: Sherri Stewart (

Pride is a Wonderful, Terrible Thing.

Just ask Lucifer.

Pride is one of the big three mentioned in I John: the lust of flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Jesus addressed the first two explicitly in His sermon on the mount when he told us what to do if our eyes cause us to sin. Then He spoke about pride, but He didn’t name it. Instead, He painted pictures of what it looked like.

Why did He have to do that?

Pride is insidious, meaning we don’t recognize it easily. It was pride that made Eve want to be like God, knowing good and evil. I bet she didn’t realize for a second that she was entertaining proud thoughts because pride sneaks in, masquerades as something human and normal, and then contaminates our minds. The consequences can be devastating–death or worse.

Pride is a problem because we’re not sure when we’ve crossed over the line. When does normal contentment with an accomplishment, a job well done, or our children’s contributions or performance become sin?

We live in a world that promotes posturing, networking, rooting for our football team and beaming when they win over their opponent. We glow when our kids get As, score a touchdown, or are accepted at a top-tier law school….

Pride is as insidious as a snake.

By Sherri Stewart

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