Testimony by Kelly Roper


Kelly Roper’s blog: http://arosekelly.com/2013/11/30/testimony/

When I said I would share my testimony, what I thought I would say was much different than what I’m about to.  I have known about Jesus my whole life.  

About is that key word.  I can quote John 3:16 and Jeremiah 29:11 with the best of them.  I can recite the books of the bible, in order.  I listen to K-Love and I know HOW to go to church.

What I haven’t known, and what I’m still learning, is how to obey God.  I’ve loved Jesus for years.  Since I was 14, I have thanked Him for my salvation in my prayers at night.  And all the while I have continued on my way making my choices with no regard for His will for my life.

I’m a divorced mom.  I say divorced, instead of single, because I chose this.  I sinned against my husband.  I didn’t honor my vow before God to love him forever.  Regardless of how valid my reasons may be to me and even to my safety- my ex-husband’s sin does not excuse or discount mine.

Ten days after the divorce was final, my depression and anxiety were at an all time low.  I was listening to every lie Satan could tell me.  I ‘knew’ I wasn’t good enough.  ‘Knew’ I wasn’t loveable.  I was failing my children at every turn and had ‘ruined’ them by breaking up our family.  It was Easter Sunday, and rather than rejoice in His resurrection, I felt distant and alone, sad and angry.

I couldn’t take being hurt more.  

Read the rest of the testimony…

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