Testimony by John MacGillivray


Thank you for the opportunity to share something briefly about a miracle of God which I had experienced in my life a very long time ago.

I was only about 19 or 20 years old at the time and it was when a lot of kids were tuning in, turning on and dropping out. I was also attracted to the hippie cult and the rock ‘n roll scene like a number of my friends and peers. And I also experimented with what were then, the fashionable drugs, such as marijuana, LSD, MDA and some methadone or (speed),to name a few.

But after some time I really got tired of getting high and doing drugs. I had never intended to make it a way of life and I thought it was time to give them up and to think about what I was going to do about my future.
However, it wasn’t just as easy as that and after attempting a few times I would end up doing them again.

It really caused me to feel disappointed in myself whenever I would slip up after resolving not to indulge anymore in any kind of drugs. I didn’t seem to have the will power or what it took at the time to quit the drugs or to resist the temptations to do them.

But one day it happened. 

I ended up in the hospital after becoming run down physically and drained emotionally. 

I felt quite depressed at the same time and I actually thought that I might be dying on account of how weak I felt while being admitted. 

When I was alone in my room and in bed about twenty minutes or so after I got admitted, I became terribly afraid that I may really be dying and I wasn’t ready for the unknown. I did think about God and Jesus quite often prior to all of this and I guess in my own way I did pray from time to time. But now I felt that I was at death’s door and I was truly desperate. I had cried out to God in a way that I never had before and I told Him that I wasn’t ready to die.

I then asked Him to give me another chance and had said: “I can do better, just give me another chance.” 

 was uttering those very words when my heart started vibrating and I was suddenly struck by a bright flash of light which shined all around me as I burst into a river of tears. It drew me uncontrollably from my pillow into a sit up position as I cried out ecstatically in pure joy.

I remember my first reaction saying,”My God it’s true, it’s true !” “You are really there ! You really care !”

 I then fell back to my pillow as the light went out and the door in my room opened. It was the nurse entering with a tray of food just the moment the light disappeared. I was still in shock and speechless but needless to say it was the first day of a new beginning for my my life and one I will never forget until the day I die.

 I have shared my faith over the years with others and I sing in a gospel duo but I feel I have not shared that particular experience often enough with others.

It is somewhat similar to the experience of St. Paul when he was knocked from his horse on his way to Damascus but the real similarity is in the love that God has shown for me and has for each and everyone of us…with or without the miracle.

John MacGillivray

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