Testimony by Cheryl Zelenka

Life Interruptions are often Divine Interruptions. I am amazed at how my life has changed since July 23, 2011.
Let me start at the beginning.I am a retired teacher and single mom. I adopted one of my fourth grade students and have known God all of my life. I have served Him in several ministries including as a member of the worship team, prayer groups, and counseling women with sexual abuse issues. My life was full and I was happy in my small southern Oregon town…. Until I had a break down.
I became clinically depressed. I had to take a leave of absence three times from my teaching position. Every time I returned to work I failed to finish the school year.  Eventually, I went on disability and quit my teaching job.  Humiliation and hopelessness were my constant companions.
For over six years I struggled with guilt. Christians have so much to be thankful for and yet, my behavior and emotional state kept spiraling downward. I went to my medical provider many times and the real problem was never identified. I was told that the stress of my teaching job, a family history of depression, premenopause, and bad genes were the cause of all my trouble. It took the love of my parents and a bold step on their part to get to the bottom of my health issues.
On one of the many occasions in which I visited my medical provider, I recounted the following strange event. I was in a parking lot when suddenly my walking turned into running. I could not stop my jog, so I intentionally crashed into a parked car and fell to the ground. Getting myself back up on my own was impossible. It took two strong men to place me on my feet again. 
My brain was functioning enough at this time to realize something was amiss. You will not believe the response my Nurse Practitioner had to this story. Her comment will send shivers down your spine. “Well,” she said, “If it happens again let me know.”
She made no mention of a test or MRI. She did not ask me if I was having balance issues or any other strange symptoms. She sent me off more concern about my low Vitamin D levels! When my parents heard this story it confirmed the fear in their hearts. They had been praying for me over the past two years, not knowing how to help. They both recognized I was not myself and were very concerned, so they decided to drive out and get me.
Cheryl Zelenka is a retired teacher, single mom, brain tumor survivor and author. Her passion for Scripture and a desire to encourage others is what pressed her to create this blog and write Facing Trials: Thoughts for Meditation.She loves to garden and has two spoiled dogs named Akasha and Bosco. Cheryl adopted a former fourth grade student named Steve. He is a wonderful writer who aspires to be an author just like his mom. He attends college in Colorado Springs and is an English major.
Cheryl’s parents are one of her greatest blessings and she cherishes their love and friendship. They poured love into her so that God could use her to pour love out to others in need.
Cheryl Zelanka is the author of the books: Facing Trials: Thoughts for Meditation and Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study Through The Book Of Job. 
You will find both of her books on Amazon and WestBow Press.
To find out more about Cheryl Zelenka, please go to http://facingtrials.com  or find her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cherylzelenkaauthor

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